The Beginning

In the hope of encouraging others to notice the intricate beauty of nature, I share the natural history observations I make while on my walk to work. This will include everything from stories about behaviours and interactions between organisms, to discussions of the amazing role that the inanimate plays in our appreciation of nature. Along the way there will also be musings about the importance of natural history (in the broadest sense) in our lives as individuals, communities, and as a species. All of this will be supplemented with pictures from my walk that relate to the topic in question.

Personally I hope that in writing this blog I will learn something more about the creatures, plants, and environment that surrounds me on a day-to-day basis, but that I so often ignore in the busy-ness of life. With any luck it will make me more aware of my natural surroundings, as well as encourage anyone reading it to do the same!

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1 Response to The Beginning

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Chris! Can’t wait to “join” you on your way to work!

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